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Andrew vs. The Collective – Russian style

January 30, 2010 2 comments

Global Voices pointed me to a Russian author by the name of Evgeny Popov who’s doing a very similar project to mine. In Russian! He’s writing a book chapter by chapter and when one is done, he publishes it online (on his LiveJournal) and asks his readers questions that they answer in the comments.

I’m excited to see this sort of generative experimentation in story-telling is global! I just wish I could read Russian so I knew more about the story.

Sidenote: This is part of a Global Voices project called RuNet Echo which is trying to bring more of the Russian-speaking web to English-speaking audiences. Hell yes.

Also: If you haven’t signed up for the English-language version of Popov’s experiment (i.e. My project) this is the last weekend before I start writing. Get in on the first story in Andrew vs. The Collective!


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