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Announcing: Drain the Gulf!

So at long last I’ve completed the previously-named Project Lazarette and am now ready to reveal it to the world! Working title: Drain the Gulf!

What’s it about?
Very literally: draining the Gulf of Mexico. Just taking all the water and pumping it out. It’s political satire with an awful lot of fun pokes at our politico-media-industrial complex. There are two main characters who work in the shadows of two outsized personalities – one in politics and one in media. And there’s a Presidential race. Oh, and maybe we get to see the floor of the Gulf of Mexico. I think it’s at least as fun to read as it was to write (and I kept cracking myself up the whole time).

What’s next?
As pleased as I was with the self-publishing process the last time around, I’d like to try and find a publisher for Drain the Gulf! Which means, first step, I’m looking for an agent! Know a good agent? Let me know. I’ve got a big ol’ manuscript for them to read.

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