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My first day on Kickstarter

Wow. I launched Andrew vs. The Collective last night and it already has 32 backers! Lots of friends, surely. But plenty of strangers too (or new friends. Welcome!). Financially, the project is nearly 100% backed (83% in 24 hours!), though admittedly that number is arbitrary. The finances of the project are meant to expand to fit how many people want books. Nonetheless, nearly $1000 in 24 hours: my hat is off to you, Kickstarter team.

[Update: Just in the last hour, the project crossed the 100% mark! Wow.]

On those lines, I’ve been surprised by the wide range of pledged amounts. I expected nearly all of the pledges to come in at the “Adversary” and “Foe” levels, but there have been quite a lot of pledges at higher levels. More than I expected – and certainly for the first day. There have even been two pledges at the very highest level (“Evil Doppleganger”) and neither of them are my mother! Much to my chagrin, one of those backers has already sent me his input for the first story. He writes: “I’ll take that challenge. Soseki Natsume’s “I Am a Cat” meets Neuromancer by way of Kundera’s Immortality. With elves. Go.” Eep.

I have a feeling this is going to be quite the challenge.

With the great reaction today I’m tempted to move the whole thing up a week and start writing this weekend. (Honestly, I just can’t wait to start hammering out these stories.) But, I’ll abstain. I’ll use the weekend to try to bring more backers into the project and make it even..more…challenging. I do think I’ll start formally asking for contributions a little early though – probably Monday of next week. So get out your Oxford English Dictionaries and your Bartlett’s Quotations and start earmarking pages.

Some background:
- Sign up for Andrew vs. The Collective.
- What is The Collective?
- What’s my favorite thing I found on the Internet today?

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